Kildare Lodge 8.00pm February 22nd 2017

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Nathan Bale, Kevin Green, Len & Pat Gurnett, Sue & David Maynard, Richard & Michelle Miles, Tony Needham, John Needham, Geoff Ware. The Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Hill Climb Race Secretary, Training Officer and 39 members were present.

2. Items Arising from Previous Minutes

The Secretary reported that a new memorial seat had been installed on the Porlock Hill Toll Road.

The proposed Cycle Path from the Toll Rd – A39 junction to Pitcombe Head on the Exford road had run into problems, as the Exmoor National Park archaeologist insists on a full survey being carried out at a cost of £20,000. The committee is of the opinion that providing this sort of funding is not our function, so Tesco have been informed that the project is not viable at present. There may be other possible means of construction which will not involve excavation; this will be looked into in the near future.

The secretary has obtained a stock of club shirts in the most popular sizes. The number that can be held is limited by the cost of stock.

3. Secretaries Report

The secretary reported that 3 social events had been held, a film night which had not been as well supported as the one in 2015, a mince pie run (which included a number of Merlins), and a Christmas dinner at the Golf Club. The secretary thanked Michelle Miles and Chris Parkin for organising the Xmas dinner.

4. Treasurers Report

The Treasurer presented the accounts. They show a current balance of £4,872, and a net income for the year of £679. This was accrued from the profits made by the 2 Audax events, The Stella Farrell GP, and the Porlock Hill Climb. Paul Butcher pointed out that since the club is now running race and hill climb events that are relatively expensive to organise, a reasonable balance is required to provide a “cushion” if losses are incurred.

It was agreed that the subs should stay at their current level.

5. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman said he was pleased to see the expansion of the club in both numbers of members, events and different activities. It was good to see new groups forming, e.g. MTB rides on Sundays, the Weds morning group and the ladies rides, also on Wednesday. Some members have also taken part in racing. The Running Club invited us once again to join their annual pre-Christmas run up Porlock Hill.

The Chairman thanked the Race Directors of the Stella Farrell GP and the Porlock Hill Climb; all the trustees and others who had been involved with the Steam Coast Trail; Paul Butcher, Wayne Reeder and the Merlins parents and the vlunteers who work with children in the schools; Richard and Michelle Miles for organising the Audax events; and to all those who help with club activities. Finally he thanked those who have helped with sponsorship, Dave Silvera and Tanks Direct for the Porlock Hill Climb (and for their help with publicity and a website etc), and Neil Arnold, Stuart Lowen and Exmoor Bike for sponsoring the Stella Farrell GP.

The Chairman told the meeting that he wished to retire, and hoped his successor would have the same support as he had enjoyed.

6. Minehead Merlins

Paul Butcher reported that the Merlins have had a very successful year.

Members have taken part in MTB and road races at all age levels, resulting in several winners and podium places. 2 members have been nominated to the SW School of Racing, others have taken part in the sessions at the Newport Velodrome. The Merlins have held open MTB events, and a cyclo-cross event in combination with the Stella Farrell GP. In all 34 weekly sessions were run.

An Awards Night was held before Christmas with about 50 me,bers and parents present.

The Coaching Development fund allows coaches to be trained, and Tanks Direct had helped with the purchase of rollers and additional financial support for rider development.

Grateful thanks to the Coaching Team of Alicia Hockin, Wayne Reeder, Greshna Dibble, Will Wake, Kevin Green and Barnaby Wright, and also to Clive Atkins and Chris Priddle for their support throughout the year.

8. Steam Coast Trail

Graham Boswell reported that the first section of the trail had been completed from Dunster Beach to the boundary of the property owned by the chalet owners at Blue Anchor.

The 2nd section is from Chapel Cleeve road to Washford. Planning Permission has been obtained, tenders for the work have been issued and the land purchase is proceeding.

The Mineral Line from Washford to Watchet is currently a public footpath, and negotiations with the landowners will be needed to establish a permissive bike path.

A grant application for funding is with EDF, and has passed the first committee stage.

There are still difficulties with the chalet owners at Blue Anchor. Steve Crossman appealed for members to use the path, despite this.

The signage on the new path will be in place by Easter when the path will be officially opened.

9. Porlock Toll Road Hill Climb 2017

Louise Crossman reported that we had had a great event last September, and we attracted national and local riders.

Louise thanked Dave Silvera and Tanks Direct for support and sponsorship, and to Mark Blaythwaite for allowing us the use of the toll road, and Scott Huish for his help with the website. She also thanked Ian Piper, Paul Butcher and all the other club members who volunteered, and also the people of Porlock, especially the Porlock Ladies.

This years event will be on the 24th September. Any club members who wish to take part, please enter a 10k time trial run under CTT auspices by Wellington Wheelers, or other clubs so that you establish a time. This gives you a far better chance of securing a ride if the event is over-subscribed, as it was last year.

10. Stella Farrel GP & Minehead Criterium

Stella Farrell GP. Paul Butcher reported that the feedback from riders taking part in last years event was very positive, many saying it was one of the best courses and best organised events that they had taken part in. British Cycling have made similar comments.

Paul thanked the race group, all those who volunteered and especially Briony Turner who was race director.

The 2017 event will be held on July 16th.

Minehead Criterium – Paul said that there is a strong possibility that we can run a Town Criterium in conjunction with The Festival of Wheels. Road closures and consultations will be handled by the Minehead Events Group lead by Graham Sizer. Neil Arnold has offered sponsorship towards the cost of barriers. There will be a full programme of races, including womens and juniors races. The race group are waiting on a risk assessment by British Cycling. This event will be held on Sunday 10th September.

11. Affiliations/Donations to other bodies:-

It was Proposed by the Secretary, seconded by Chris Parkin that we donate £100 to Roadpeace and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. The motion was carried unanimously.

12. Election/Re-election of Club Officers

Bernard Mitchell having retired as Chairman, Neil Arnold was proposed by Kevin Poole, seconded by Chris Adams. He was elected unanimously.

All other officers and the committee members have agreed to serve for another year. The proposal to re-elect them was led by Bernard Mitchell, seconded by Graham Boswell. Motion carried unanimously.

Greshna Dibble and Richard Boulter had volunteered to join the committee, proposed by the Secretary, seconded by Paul Butcher. Richard has volunteered to organise the club hill climb events this summer.

The Officers and committee now are:-

President – Len Gurnett
Chairman – Neil Arnold
General Secretary – Andy King
Hill Climb Race Secretary – Louise Crossman
Treasurer – Pam Almond
Webmaster – Jeremy Summers
Training Officer and Race Group Chair – Paul Butcher
Audax Secretary – Richard Miles
Committee Members – Greshna Dibble, Sue Maynard, Michelle Miles, Richard Boulter, Paul Camp, Steve Crossman, Kevin Green, Stuart Lowen.

13. AOB

C 2 C Warm Up Ride – Paul Butcher reported that Nathan Bale is proposing to lead a warm up ride to Bridport and back the weekend before the Air Ambulance C 2 C.

Press Officer – The Chairman suggested that a club press officer could keep the club in the public eye, and might lead to recruiting more members. It was agreed to leave this to the committee for a decision.

Vote of Thanks – Paul Butcher proposed a vote of thanks to Bernie Mitchell for his hard work for several years as Chairman, which was carried with acclaim.

There was no other business and the meeting closed.





B. Mitchell (Chairman), P. Almond (Treasurer), A. King (Secretary), P. Butcher (Training Officer) and 49 members.

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies received from L. Gurnett, G. Boswell, M. Gibb, R. Boulter, T. Combes, A. Needham, J. King.

2. Matters Arising

At the 2015 AGM it was agreed that the club would join the Taunton Vale Cycle Racing Association. This was done, but following a change in the MoD’s requirements, racing at Ilton is no longer possible. The TVCRA is now suspended until further notice.

3. Secretaries Report

During the year we had 3 social events, a summer party, and a film evening at Carhampton Village Hall, and a Mince Pie run before Christmas. Following the resignation of the previous webmaster, Jeremy Summers has built a new club website which is now up and running. Thanks are due to Pat and Len Gurnett for hosting the summer party and Mince Pie Run, to Jeremy for the website and to John Needham for arranging the hire of the Carhampton Village Hall.

4. Treasurers Report.

The accounts were presented to the meeting. They were accepted, proposed Stuart Lowen, seconded Andy King, passed unanimously.

5. Chairman’s Report

The chairman reported that we have had a good year, with membership being maintained at about 120. He thanked all those who had helped the club function, and put on the events throughout the year, in particular:-
Brian Pursall, and Jeremy Summers for all their work on the website,
Michelle and Richard Miles for organising the Audaxes,
Ian Piper the Race Committee and other helpers for organising the Hill Climb,
Tanks Direct for publicising, helping with the organising and sponsoring the Hill Climb,
Paul Butcher, the coaches and other volunteers for running Minehead Merlins,
And to the club committee members and officers.

6. Minehead Merlins

Paul Butcher reported that the Merlins now have a membership of 33, with 8 adult coaches and 2 more training. Activites include a weekly programme of coaching and competitions, and a visit to the Olympic Velodrome to the World Track Championships. The club has been recognised by SASP for their work with local schools, and have obtained Clubmark Accreditation.

7. Steam Coast Trail

Steve Crossman reported that construction of the Multi User Path between Dunster Beach and Blue Anchor will begin in April, and take approximately 12 weeks. Agreement with the Blue Anchor Chalet owners has not been possible, so cyclist will have to get off and walk for 200 m. Planning Permission for the section from Dragon’s Cross to Washford will be applied for in the near future.

8. Porlock Hill Climb

Louise Crossman stated that the 2016 event will take place on September 25th. Volunteers will be needed for marshalling, signing on etc.

Louise especially thanked Tanks Direct for their support and sponsorship, and Mark Blaythwaite for allowing us to use the toll road.

9. Road Race

Paul Butcher reported that he had been approached by British Cycling to see whether the club would support the running of a mass start race using the Wheddon Cross – Winsford – Luckwell Bridge circuit, which has been used in the past for time trails. BC have carried out an inspection and risk assessment of the course, and would provide some of the officials and marshals. Paul thanked Mark Gibb and Neil Arnold for their offers of sponsorship.
It was proposed that we support this event, proposer P. Butcher, seconded S. Lowen, passed unanimously.

10. Club Constitution

The Secretary reported that the draft of the revised constitution had been circulated to the membership, and a couple of points had been raised. These were:-

(a) That the word sport (referring to cycling) implied competition, and should be deleted or replaced by “activity” as appropriate.

(b) That we formerly recognise Minehead Merlins as an affiliated body.

These two amendments were proposed by the secretary, seconded Stuart Lowen and carried unanimously.

The proposal to adopt the constitution as amended above was proposed by Stuart Lowen, seconded by Brian Pursall, carried unanimously.

11. Donations to other bodies.

The donation to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (£100) was proposed by Will Wake, seconded by Chris Parkin, motion carried.

The donation to Roadpeace (£75) was proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Dave Maynard.

12. Election of Officers

The following persons agreed to stand:-
President – Len Gurnett
Chairman – Bernard Mitchell
Treasurer – Pam Almond
General Secretary – Andy King
Race Secretary – Louise Crossman
Webmaster – Jeremy Summers
Training Officer – Paul Butcher
Audax Secretary – Richard Miles
Committee Members – Sue Maynard, Michelle Miles, Tony Needham, Paul Camp, Steve Crossman, Kevin Green (Merlins Representative), Stuart Lowen.

The officers and committee were elected en bloc, proposed by John Needham, seconded by Chris Adams, motion carried.

13. Any Other Business

The chairman presented Tony Needham’s ride programme from 1984 to the meeting.

Replacement of the memorial seat on the Porlock Toll Road.
The meeting was advised that a suitable seat made of treated softwood would cost £160, and one made from local oak would cost £450. It was agreed to leave the decision with the committee.

Creation of a Cycle Path between A39 (Top of Toll Road) and the Exford Road.
John Needham suggested this, and reported he has approached a contractor used by National Trust of for an indicative price to provide a 2m wide path surfaced with stone and blinding grit. The cost is about £11,000. He suggested that the club contribute £2000 to kick off the fundraising. It was agreed that the committee would look into the feasibility doing this.

Life Membership for members with over 20 years continuous membership. This was proposed by Mary Butcher, seconded by Ian Piper, motion carried.

Club Shirts. Brian Pursall asked if a stock of club strip could be kept, and thus reduce the long wait for orders to be placed and received. The secretary replied that he has a small stock of shirts, and will discuss with the committee increasing it.

The members were advised that Paul Butcher has been nominated for the British Cycling Volunteer of the Year award.

There was no further business and the meeting was closed.

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