Club Officers

Chairman: Neil Arnold,

General Secretary: Andy King
mobile: 07765765357

Membership Secretary: Janet Hewlett

Treasurer: Paul Atkinson

Ken’s Autumn Colours Audax 2017

Ken's Autumn Colours 2017

After all the excitement of hill climbs, crits, time trials etc our autumn audax is now just three weeks away. As usual, there will be a choice of 100k or 60k routes.

ENTRY: Details and entry forms will be found here:

Let us know you’re coming on this event page, any questions just post them to the page.

We’ve had great support from the club for the last couple of years and so we’re hoping for a good turnout again this year.

I will also need some volunteers please to help man the controls at Knightshayes, Wivey and Winsford.

Richard Miles


Held At Kildare Lodge, 15 March 2017

1. Apologies. Received from Michelle & Richard Miles, & the President.

2. Matters Arising. The Secretary reported that he had not had a response from Steve Wawman re the Club Facebook page. He will try and contact him again. The secretary also reported that he had been in contact with the local SCC Highways Manager re the A39 cycle Path drop kerbs at Carhampton. The latter responded that they had taken note of our concerns and would add modifying these kerbs to there list of jobs to do, but that priority was given to providing new drop kerbs where necessary. Bernie Mitchell pointed out that the markings on the path are very faded. The Secretary to reiterate these points to SCC.

3. Summer Events Programme. Richard Boulter presented a possible hill climb series. This was accepted with a few modifications, and the Secretary is to post details on the club website. Paul Butcher suggested that we present trophies to winners of various categories. There was much discussion of this, the general veiw being that monetary prizes were more appreciated. It was agreed to find out if the club already possesses any trophies.

4. Appointment of a Publicity Officer. The Chairman was keen to see more articles about the club in the local press. It was agreed that the Secretary should approach suitable candidates.

5. Club Strip. Steve Crossman said that he was not happy with the current club shirts. They look old fashioned, and are not comfortable in some conditions. Steve agreed to research alternative suppliers and report back.

6. Porlock Toll Road. Steve Crossman reported that he had been in touch with Mark Blaythwaite about obtaining free passage for all cyclists. No satisfactory conclusion has been reached. Steve will continue the conversation.

7. “What’s App” Group. Ros Willicombe said that the Running Club and the Triathlon Club were both using this app so that members could arrange events at short notice. The app provides an instant messaging service on smartphones, so is more accessible that Facebook or Email. The committee agreed to set up a What’s App group, Ros agreed to act as moderator, the Secretary to circulate the necessary information.

8. Club Stationary. The Treasurer said it would save a lot of work for her if we had compliments slips and notelets. The committee agreed that the treasurer may obtain some.

9. AOB
The Secretary had been asked by Rob Wood if the club could contribute £30.00 towards transport costs for the “Congo Box” of bike parts.

The Chairman proposed that the club should have a Welfare Officer to keep an eye on injured or ill members who may require assistance. The committee agreed, Sue Maynard will ask Dave if he is willing to fill this role.

Paul Butcher suggested asking members for articles or reports to go on the club website. He also suggested that we ask members if anyone would like to do a foreign tour next year, and if anyone is already thinking about this. It was agreed that we should seek expressions of interest.

Paul also asked if committee minutes could be published on the website. The committee agreed.

Sue Maynard asked for details of the Weds Ladies Group to go on the website, she will act as point of contact.

Other items for the website are a link to the Merlins and a list of cycle friendly cafes.

There was no other business and the meeting was closed.

Porlock Toll Road Hill Climb,


The 2015 winner, Tejvan Pettinger.

The 2017 event will be held on 24th September. To enter or for information and 2016 results, go to

Minehead cycling Club would like to thank the Porlock Manor Estate for granting us the exclusive use of the Toll Road for this event, and Tanks Direct for sponsorship, and all the help they give with organizing and publicizing the event.