The 2018 Event has been renamed as “The Minehead Grand Prix” and will be held on 24th June 2018.

Information for the 2018 event here


“Festival of Wheels 2017”

Minehead Town Centre Cycle Event : 10th September 2017

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Information for Riders

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The return of closed-road town centre cycle-racing to Minehead, last seen in the mid 1990’s, adds an exciting and colourful spectacle to a weekend of attractions and activities. Based around the visit of the world-famous Flying Scotsman to the West Somerset Railway, and the Minehead Railway Station in particular, the town expects to welcome record numbers of visitors, ensuring a great atmosphere for the cycle races. The last winner of this event was former Team Sky rider, Jeremy Hunt in 1995!

Thanks are due to volunteers from Minehead Cycling Club and Minehead Merlins GoRide Club, together with fantastic support from the Minehead Events Group and a vast array of local traders, businesses and other generous supporters including the Town Council.

Race Schedule and Prizes – see below

The Circuit

The clockwise circuit is a flat, fast 1.1k through the town centre, encircling the beautiful Blenheim Gardens, with just a single dead turn and 3 fast corners.

Riders will be protected by barriers around the entire circuit.

Race HQ

Methodist Church Hall, 31 The Avenue TA24 5AY  (inside the road closure area)

Start/Finish Area

The start and finish area is in The Avenue, opposite the Old Hospital, immediately adjacent to the HQ.

Riders’ Parking

Free parking is available at West Somerset College, Bircham Road, Alcombe

TA24 6AY.  Please park considerately to ensure space is available for later arrivals.  If necessary, later arrivals will be directed to an alternative location, a very short distance away. It is approx. 800metres from the College to the Event HQ.  (Parking is entirely at your own risk)

NB On-street parking will be very limited due to the large number of visitors to the town.


There are toilets at Event HQ, as well as public toilets in the Coop car park (opposite Event HQ) and in Blenheim Gardens (at the rear of the HQ)

Changing facilities

There are no changing facilities.


There are many cafes, pubs and shops around the circuit.  Minehead’s reputation as an attractive seaside town depends on these!

Road Closures

The circuit will be closed from midnight Saturday.




Paul Butcher, Farleigh, Beacon Road, Minehead TA24 5SE

07721748938 email: pama.butcher@btinternet.com


Chief Commissaire: Andy Walker
Assistant Commissaire:  Lawrence Heaven
Chief Marshal: Steve Crossman
Safety Officer: Neil Arnold

A huge thanks to all the many sponsors, and to members of Minehead Cycling Club , Minehead Events Group, Town Council and countless other volunteers from the wider community.

Race Information

The circuit:

Start in The Avenue opposite the Old Hospital (adjacent to the Event HQ) , proceed west to the left of the flower beds to the right (dead) turn at the junction with Bancks St (125m); turn left into Blenheim Road (190m) then right into North Road (550m); and right again into The Avenue (810m) to the Start/Finish area and completion of one circuit (1070m)

Youth E riders will race only in The Avenue, using dead turns at either end.


Opposite the Old Hospital/Event HQ.


Riders should assemble at the start 5 minutes before your race start.

Warm up:

There are 10 minute gaps between races allowing opportunity for riders to familiarize themselves with the circuit.  Beware pedestrians may also use this time to cross the course.  There may also be some traffic movement during this time, subject to marshal control.

There is ample space to set up rollers/turbos around the circuit but please ensure you do not obstruct pavements and other rights of way.

Lapped riders:

Lapped riders must not obstruct faster riders or take pace from a lapping rider or group.

Lapped riders may be pulled out of the race by the commissaires.


IN THE EVENT OF A BLUE LIGHT EMERGENCY THE COMMISSAIRE WILL STOP THE RACE.  MARSHALS SHALL WAVE RED FLAGS INDICATING A STOPPAGE. All riders must stop immediately and make their way to the finish area. If possible the race will be restarted with riders placed in their approximate positions as far as possible.


Youth C/D/E

The winning boy and girl in each category will be presented on the Event stage after the finish of their races.

Youth A/B

The first 3 in each race, and the winning girl, will be presented with their prizes  after the finish of their races.

Senior Races

The first 3 in each race and the winner of each category will be presented with their prizes after the finish of their races.


Special Primes thanks to Fatyak and Minehead Cycling Club

Youth D/E Prizes courtesy of Minehead Town Council
Youth  C Prizes courtesy of Channel Training
Youth B Prizes courtesy of Exmoor Bike
Youth A Prizes courtesy of Chambers Bistro
Mens Cat 4 Prizes courtesy of Derek Merson

1st £60

2nd £40

3rd £20


Womens Cat E/1/2/3/4 Prizes courtesy of Autohaus VW and Julians Dry Cleaning

1st £75

2nd £50

3rd £25

Highest placed Cat 2/3/4 rider £25 each


Mens Cat 2/3 Prizes courtesy of Beaver Ford

1st £75

2nd £50

3rd £25






1045 – 1055 Youth E (Under 8’s) The Avenue 10 minutes plus 1 lap
1105 – 1125 Youth C/D (Under 10/12 20 mins plus 1 lap
1140 – 1210 Youth B (Under 14) 30 mins plus 1 lap
1220 – 1300 Youth A (Under 16) 40 mins plus 3 laps
1315 – 1325 Balance Bikers (Under 5’) The Avenue
1345 – 1400 Ride for All/Tandems/novelty
1410 – 1450 Mens Cat 4 40 mins plus 2 laps
1500 – 1550 Womens E/1/2/3/4 50 mins plus 3 laps
1610 – 1700 Mens Cat 2/3 50 mins plus 3 laps

Gear Checks

Youth E: 0945 1015
Youth C/D 1000 1030
Youth B: 1030 1100
Youth A: 1115 –  1145
Juniors (4th Cat/Women): 1300 –  1315
Juniors (2nd/3rd Cat): 1450 –  1510

Signing On

Youth E: 1010 1030
Youth C/D 1010 – 1040
Youth B: 1040 1120
Mens 4th Cat: 1315 1345
Women: 1400 1430
Mens 2nd/3rd: 1500 – 1530
Youth A: 1130 – 1200

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