Club Rides

The club holds rides each Sunday & Wednesday throughout the year, meeting and setting off from the West Somerset College Car Park (entrance off A39). Sunday rides commence at 0930 during the winter, and 0900 during BST.

The start times for Weds rides for the Fast Group will be notified to members by email or on What’s App. Occasionally this ride will take place on other days depending on the weather forecast, so keep an eye on your email.

If you are not receiving emails re these rides, please contact the secretary (

Ladies Group – meets at the Yarn Market, Dunster 10.00 a.m. on most Weds. If you would like to take part, please contact Sue Maynard to go on the email circulation list (

Sunday Rides

New riders are warmly welcomed, and there’s always a group suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced riders with a higher level of fitness.

We welcome visitors to the area, as well as those who are thinking about joining us and want to find out more about the club.

Riders have a choice of groups and different rides each week, varying in terms of length, hills, duration and speed. It is incumbent upon each rider to select wisely to ensure they and others in the group have an enjoyable experience. There is nothing more dispiriting than to be stuck on a ride that’s either too hard or too easy. Take advice from others if you are unsure!

The “Coffee ride” is usually 15-35 miles, unavoidably includes some climbs, but is at a relaxed pace. For those who are unsure of their fitness levels, or are new to cycling, this is a sensible place to start. As the name suggests, this is a social ride with good company, a variety of good and welcoming cafes and a great opportunity to find out more about the club and the quality of cakes in the area!

A more challenging but still very sociable “B” group, tackles rides between 40-70 miles, with more hills and at a faster pace. This is well-suited to more experienced riders and others who are keen to develop their endurance. The café stop is still a key element of these rides which explore all the nooks and crannies of the amazing countryside around Exmoor, the Brendon Hills and further afield. This group often sub-divides en route, giving riders the choice of a shorter/longer day in the saddle.

The “Fast Group” will also do rides between 40-70 miles but at a slightly quicker pace. A coffee stop is often a feature but not guaranteed so make sure you have some food with you just in case they forget!

Faster riders meet for a Chain Gang outside Exmoor Bike, Station Car Park, Minehead at 5.30 on Thursday evening. If you would like more info, see Mark Gibb at the above shop.

Other groups may develop periodically, reflecting the interests of new members. If you have a particular interest which is not currently met, please contact the Club’s Development and Training Officer.

Above: Club rides meet here.


Whilst there are few restrictions on club rides there are some essentials which must be observed to comply with the Club’s insurance protection.

  • Non-members who may be thinking about joining the club may take part in 3 Club rides before they are required to join. (It is in the interest of all Club members to make non-members aware of this as the Club’s insurance could be invalidated.)
  • All riders under 18 must provide the club with a signed parental consent form (see attached). Consent forms shall be renewed annually at the AGM, or when paying your subscription.
  • All riders under 13 must also be accompanied either by their parent/guardian or another named club member as agreed with the parent/guardian.


Club members meet socially at the “Kildare Lodge” public house, Townsend Road, Minehead on Thursday, from about 8.30 p.m.

Membership includes free passage up Porlock Toll Road which otherwise costs £1.00 per trip for cyclists!

A variety of good quality club jerseys are available. Contact club secretary Andy King for details.

Contact Us

Minehead Cycling Club
Combe Lodge,
Bratton Lane, Minehead, TA24 8SG

Mob: 0776 576 5357


As approved at the AGM, the subscriptions for 2017 are:

Juniors (13-18 years)…………………£5
Merlins (Under 16’s)…………………..FREE

Application Forms can be downloaded from the “Join Us” page of this website. Under-16’s should join Minehead Merlins, (which also gives membership of this club), see the GoRide link.

Guidance for New Members

Minehead Cycling Club is affiliated to British Cycling, the sport’s governing body. All new members are strongly advised to read the recommended guidance for safe cycling available on the British Cycling website.

This includes guidance about the use of helmets, remaining visible to others, what to do in the event of a cycling accident and riding safely in groups.

Members participating in any kind of Club activity either on or off-road must wear an appropriate helmet.

Members are advised to carry:
Gloves and suitable clothing (It can be 10 degrees cooler on the top of the hills and moors!)
At least 1 spare inner tube, and a pump
A chain link removal tool is advisable
Food and drink
Mobile phone
Details of next of kin


Several Club members are British Cycling accredited Level 2 coaches who will be happy to assist you in any way they can. Please contact the Club Secretary for details.

Etiquette on Club rides

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone on a club ride, there are a few essentials which riders are asked to respect:
Please be aware and respectful of other road users and obey the Highway Code
Make yourself aware of the ride choices before selecting your ride
You are expected to take a shared responsibility for the safety and well-being of all others in the group:
i. A rider at the rear of the group would be expected to alert the group if another rider gets dropped, has a mechanical, etc
ii. Make other riders aware of hazards in the road
iii. Ride smoothly without sudden braking
iv. Never ride more than 2 abreast

No rider gets left behind on a Club ride (riders will always regroup at the top of climbs or elsewhere, as appropriate)
“We start as a group and finish as a group”. The only exception to this is where a rider lets it be known that he/she is leaving the ride at a pre-determined point.
In the event of a mechanical the group stops to help.
Please inform the Ride leader if you have any medical condition which might compromise your well-being, or the safety of others.
Whilst the Club and the Ride Leader will do all they can, please remember cycling is a hazardous pastime and your personal safety is your responsibility

For more guidance on safe group and sportive riding, watch British Cycling’s “Ride Smart” videos.

Ride Leaders

All members are encouraged to lead rides. It’s a great way to add to your personal enjoyment, introduce fresh ideas and routes, and looks good on your CV!

Why do we need Ride Leaders?

It is essential that riders have an idea of the planned route, distance and approx. duration before setting off.

Currently, the Club does not formally appoint Ride Leaders. However, individual members emerge as a Ride Leader at the meeting place, suggesting a route and indicating its approx. length and duration. It is incumbent on the Ride Leader to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the group.

If you’d like to lead a ride, you are encouraged to share your proposed ride in advance, (via the Club Secretary/Facebook,) particularly if it is longer/harder than usual, to allow members to come suitably prepared.

Periodically, a ride will be organised with the primary purpose of developing group riding skills. Details will be circulated by the Secretary as and when.

CTC, BC and others run courses for those who’d like to develop their Ride Leader skills.