Persons Present:-

President, Chairman, Race Committee Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Andy Parker from British Cycling, and 23 members.


The Chairman opened the meeting. He said that the purpose was to decide which events the club should put on next year. He asked Andy Parker to give BC’s veiws.

Andy Parker said that there are about 25 road races in the area, mostly in Devon. With the advent of risk assessments, the courses have become a bit sanitised and similar. He said that the Wheddon X – Winsford route was very hilly and very different from most other courses. Minehead Cycling Club have organised the event very well. BC would like to see the Stella Farrell event continue, maybe for Cat 1 and 2 riders only. He thought that the Minehead Town Crit was bvery well organised, the event should grow in stature, and perhaps be in the national series. He thought that the course could take 60 riders. Entry fees for races could be increased to £30 to help cover costs.

The Chairman then asked for members veiws.

The following points of general agreement were made:-

Stella Farrell GP:-

Difficult course, number of entrants were down this year compared with 2016.

Costs have increased (BC volunteers expenses have increased and costs of providing medical cover), and a loss was incurred.

The event attracts few spectators and little local interest and sponsorship.

Only one local rider took part in 2017. If race is limited to Cat 1 & 2 to try and attract more entries, it is likely that no local riders will take part.

Race could be held in April, if Town Crit is held in June.

Meeting voted 12 to 5 to stop this event.

Town Criterium:-

Minehead Events Group raised the money for the 2017 event; it is thought that costs could be substantially reduced for 2018. The M.E.G are supportive of an event in midsummer, as the presence of the “Flying Scotsman” on the WSR did nothing for the cycling event, perhaps the reverse.

If the Crit takes place in June, the same commentator would be available.

The Chairman was very impressed by the number of club members who volunteered to help on the day (about 70). He also thought that the number of races for different categories of rider encourages both club members and the youngsters.

The ladies race could become the Stella Farrell GP.

Meeting voted unanimously to put on this event next June, subject to support from the M.E.G.

Porlock Hill Climb

It was unanimously agreed that we should continue to put on this event.

Seven members agreed to join the Race Committee and help organise the Town Crit.

There was no other business and the meeting was closed.